About Kinetic Magazine

We publish content for outdoor athletes who live to be out in nature. Both our contributors and subscribers live out motto, Adventure in Motion.

Our goal is to inspire you to get outside. Whether that’s sharing stories, recommending gear, offering places to go or designing workouts to get you physically prepared. We support deliberate acceptance, knowing that people don’t fit perfectly into the boxes that popular narratives put us in. We value diversity, conservation, human rights, environmental and social responsibility and access to public land.

Kinetic is a Veteran owned and operated publication dedicated to the pursuit of outdoor adventure and endurance sports along with practical life skills. As part of that heritage, we also encourage our veteran community to contribute to the magazine and engage with their local adventure sports communities.

Sustainable Creativity

We love journalism, and it isn’t possible without journalists. We want to lower the barrier between passionate creators and professional journalism. We are committed to building, developing, and growing a culture that supports the careers and well-being of the people that create our content. Because of that, we have goals associated with our content production:

Develop a shared profit model for writers: Journalists spend their time and effort researching, writing, editing, and polishing their work. That time and effort need support. The bigger the project, the more support it needs. By paying fair rates and sharing the profit associated with their work, we give new and established journalists a chance to do more than just break even.

Building a community of journalists: We don’t just want Kinetic to grow, we want each and every one of our contributors to grow along with us. Our reader community and our contributors are closely tied. We want our journalists to celebrate each other, share their work and be mutually supportive of what they do. As our broader community grows, so does the support those journalists have. Whenever possible, we want to bring our community together to share ideas, learn together, and become stronger both personally and professionally.

Editorial Independence

Honesty is our first content ethic. Without editorial independence in the content we produce, we think Kinetic would simply be a fancy advertising firm. Our platform is built on a foundation of audience trust. Our editorial decisions are made free of interference from anyone outside the content publishing team. Only our content team has explicit control over our content. That isn’t possible without subscribers, so thank you for your support!

Any other employees, such as those in product and advertising or any outside investors, cannot mandate or otherwise influence the content we publish. Ads you may see on this website are served to you, the audience, by third-party online sources and are not directly representative of the values of Kinetic.

Transparency, Disclosures, and Conflicts of Interest

You can expect that Kinetic is willing to: disclose business relationships, be transparent about our sources and methods and avoid conflicts of interest with outside investments or businesses.

We disclose when our trips are paid for, if gear was received for free and what businesses are involved in the creative process related to our content. We want you to know these things, as our audience, because even though they enable us to give you great content, they can push our perspective. You have our promise that content published from Kinetic does its very best to be straightforward, honest and unbiased.

Some of the links on this site are commission-earning links through affiliate marketing or connect directly to brand websites. Rest assured, ALL of this product content is written BEFORE any links are added, regardless of the availability of any affiliate program. Kinetic will continue to produce content based on experience, research and reporting.

Accuracy & Accountability

Every story we publish—from the quickest blog to the most in-depth feature—passes through at least one round of editing to ensure the quality and accuracy of the content. If possible, we’ll always backlink our information and show our work. If we pull from outside sources, we’ll name them and always do our best to provide accurate credit. The authors of each story are responsible for verifying the quality and trustworthiness of the sources that appear in our stories. 

We’re people too though and mistakes happen. That can be tough. But what isn’t tough is being honest when we make a mistake. If anyone raises a serious issue with a story, we’ll check against the sources we have to ensure accuracy. If we need to, we’ll conduct an edit to ensure that the information on our site is accurate. We’ll also acknowledge that error with a note in the story showing exactly how we messed up.

Our Editorial Team

John Seward is the lead editor and founder of Kinetic Magazine. John founded the outlet to lower the barrier to entry for journalists, writers, and other content creators wanting to publish in the adventure sports and outdoors space. Many of those first-time bylines come from the military and veteran community, a population that has historically struggled to compete in this industry. But, Kinetic welcomes all voices and wants to make it easier for anyone to join the journalism community. It means that a greater diversity of voices share stories of value. John and the Kinetic team are dedicated to taking the content submitted and presenting it professionally through support and editing, regardless of who that content comes from.